Review: Ian Messenger’s ‘Wendigo Falls’

The horror genre is possibly the most diverse film genre with many types of sub-genres. One of those sub-genres has become the most difficult type to create, the found footage horror film; these types of films are either fantastic or a complete nightmare. Writer/director/actor Ian Messenger has become a master of found footage. Messenger’s first film of this style that I had the pleasure of viewing was his 2017 film Monkey Farm, but he has again made gold with Wendigo Falls.

Wendigo Falls was written and directed by Ian Messenger (who also stars as Blaine) and stars Amy Beckwith as Charlotte, Robert Irwin as Adam and Cameron Wagoner as The Wendigo.


A group of up-and-coming social media influencers attempt to locate the largest geocache of all time but are instead met with the horrific mysteries of Wentiko Falls. Will they come face to face with the legendary Wendigo of Algonquin lore? Or is this just a case of psychosis?

What makes this film even more impressive is the short runtime, Wendigo Falls is just over 20 minutes long. In such a short span of time, Messenger and the cast were able to create a very believable, organic found footage film. There was no over the top acting attempting to sell a gimmick; from the beginning it is easy to forget that the three people on screen are actors in a short and not three friends stumbling into a terrible situation.

If a film of this style is to be believed, super steady camera work should probably not be used. The camera work with this film was a tad shaky, as it should have been and the occasional glitches add to the paranormal aspects.

If you have 20 minutes and want to see an indie horror project that is startling and well done, Wendigo Falls is the film for you. I will stop blabbing and simply send you over to watch this found footage masterpiece. Catch Wendigo Falls on the A Ruined Heart Pictures YouTube channel (yes…it’s free).

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