Stream Your Favorite Troma Titles & More with Troma Now

In a society that demands everything be available at its fingertips at any given moment, Troma has joined the streaming service boom. If you’ve exhausted the lackluster horror category on other streaming services (not going to mention any names for “legal purposes”), a new savior is born with Troma Now.

What kind of titles can you expect to find? This service offers Hollywood classics as well as the Troma library. Browse a massive selection of films which includes titles like Maniac Cop, Killer Pinata, The Toxic Avenger series (yes, all of them) and many many more. There are new titles added every month. Some of June’s new additions include Grindsploitation 9: Revenge of the Schlock, Timemaster, Hillbilly Frankenstein From Hell, Frankie in Blunderland, Lloyd Kaufman’s Make your Own Damn Movie, In Less than Sixty Minutes and more.

Not only can you view all these awesome titles, you can also discuss them with fellow Troma fans in the forum.

Most streaming services only give you a week free to decide if you like it, but Troma Now gives you a full 30 days free. If you decide you like it (duh), it is only $4.99 a month after the trial. There are also individual titles available for purchase.

Sound like something for you? Head over to and subscribe.

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