Prop Collector Tim Shockey Wants to Bring Hollywood History to Ohio

Fans of Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive may already know the name Tim Shockey, but for those of you that don’t, he is the man that restored the goblin head from the front of the Happy Toyz truck in the 1986 cult classic. Shockey debuted the newly restored goblin head at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati in March of 2013 to hordes of excited fans and has been touring the country with it ever since.

I started restoring the Green Goblin head in 2011 and finished it in March of 2013. I spent nights and weekends restoring it. Less than a week after painting it we attended our first con with it. I have passionately been traveling the U.S. and Canada since March 16, 2013 sharing this great piece of movie history with fans.

I have attended 10-15 events a year. My journeys have allowed me to meet and hang out with many celebrities and to meet many thousands of fans. It has been a fantastic journey. 
I now have over 800 items in my collection. I’ve been  bringing a few of them with me on tour but I feel everyone should have a chance to see them all. If I don’t share these items with you than what good are they doing in my possession? I feel it would almost be a sin to keep them locked away in my private collection. 

 All of our events have been canceled this year so far and I want to make it where people can still get a chance to get out and see my collection. 

Shockey’s collection includes props from Scream 4, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, The Longest Yard and more. Due to Covid causing pretty much all conventions to shut down for the year, Tim has come up with a brand new idea; one that requires the help of all of you, the Hollywood Prop Museum. In said museum, you would be able to view not just the Goblin Head and all the other props normally on display at conventions, but you will be able to see the ones that he cannot bring along on the road.

Your help is needed to acquire the building that would be used to display the props (prospective building listed below). The goal amount is $60,000 which Shockey is hoping to raise via a Gofundme campaign.

For more information on TIm Shockey, his collection and mission and how you can contribute, please visit the Hollywood Prop Museum campaign.

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