Product Review: Horney Devil’s Devilicious Body Butter “Sugar Rush”

Horney Devil Beard Co. is a company out of Wilmington, NC that is veteran run and is best known for their quality, handcrafted beard care products, but they now offer a little something for the ladies; Devilicious Body Butters.

I have recently tried their Devilicious Body Butter in Sugar Rush, and have fallen in love. Body butters are a hard product to master, many leave a greasy feel to the skin or smell nothing like it did in the container once it is applied to the skin, but this one is perfect; it left my skin feeling soft and looking moisturized without making me feel like I took a bath in Crisco, and the smell stayed incredible.

The site describes the scent as being “warm vanilla sugar”, it does have a very sweet vanilla smell, and the smell only gets better the longer it is on. When it is first applied, it smells like a better version of Bath & Body Works vanilla brown sugar (with a better price tag too), but the longer it is on, especially if your body is warm, it starts to smell like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

The price to product size and quality is fantastic. The body butters are $12.50 for a 4 oz jar; which for anyone that regularly buys or looks into quality body products is a great deal for an all natural body butter that actually does what it is supposed to do. The jar is pretty “user friendly” too; I have encountered many products that are put in containers that do not mesh with the consistency and use of its contents. The opening of the jar for the Devilicious Body Butter is wide making it easier to access the product inside, and the consistency is perfect (like a slightly thicker lip balm).

Sugar Rush is not the only scent that they offer; you can also pick up Eternal Bliss (“A pretty and glamorous scent with top notes of passion fruit, juicy citrus and middle notes of fresh orange flower and sugary vanilla”).

If you would like to try Sugar Rush or any of their other incredible products, visit

On a side note about the company itself and the incredible people that run it, their customer service is fantastic, if there is a hangup in your order or you simply just have a question, they will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied.

To keep up to date on sales and new products, like the Horney Devil Beard Co. Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @horneydevilbeardco

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